Tips on Finding Quality Outdoor Ceiling Fans

When we see a ceiling fan, we don’t really think that there are different kinds of them. We often thing that they are all just the same. But they are actually unique in terms of their features. If you want to install outdoor ceiling fans, you need to choose properly.

Considerations when Selecting a Ceiling Fan

First off, you need to know the amount of air that the fan is capable of circulating. This is one basis of its effectivity. Also, you should consider how noisy the fan is and how long-lasting its finish is as it will be exposed to different weather conditions. Moreover, be sure that the manufacturer honors the warranty that comes with the product.

Avoid Making a Bad Selection

There are some fans that may have a great appearance, but do not really produce a lot of air. Opting for such is a bad decision. You need to check the angle or pitch of its blades. As the air movement increases, the better will be its blade pitch. There are some manufacturers that try save on materials they use and, in some cases, the motors and other parts do not have enough power.

The success of using outdoor ceiling fans greatly depend on the amount of energy that is being used, and the amount of air it releases. Motors that have low wattage utilize lesser energy, thus less air is circulated. There are instances that when a fan is not made well, it has a humming noise while running. This is because of its poor ball bearings. The humming noise should be checked as this could mean an incorrect fit between the metal parts of the blade and motor parts that are not properly fitted.

Avoid Poorly Made Fans

There are parts on a ceiling fan that are prone to breakage. The pull chain that is being pulled of its housing the wrong way is an example. At the same time, the size of the motor and its blade pitch that does not match is an indication that the parts of the fan are of poor quality. If you encounter one that is not good enough, the inspectors who allowed for such fan to be sold should be informed.

One more thing to watch out for when it comes to ceiling fans, especially the ones for the outdoor is the finish. Bronze or brass finishes may look the same, but the cheaper finish tarnish faster. Moreover, having a lighting kit could highlight the fact that the finish is a slightly different color. The quality of the finish can be checked by looking at the surfaces for any scratches. A good quality finish is very important as it is exposed to different elements outdoors.


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