If it is your first time to own an outdoor spa bath in Sydney, it is natural that you want to get the most out of it. As a new owner of this wonderful outdoor water entertainment feature, you’d be pretty much excited to know how everything about it should go. Much like any other piece of appliance you have at home, you need to give your bath spa the proper cleaning and maintenance they need. Otherwise, you can’t expect them to have a long-lasting service life. 

cleaning pool
Cleaning Pool

People who are planning to buy such types of outdoor water entertainment features are often wondering if there is so much drudgery involved in cleaning a swim spa. Paramount to their decision whether they would proceed in buying a swim spa is knowing first the amount of work involved in cleaning and maintaining it. 

Is It Very Challenging to Clean a Swim Spa? 

Compared to the size and the amount of work involved in cleaning or maintaining a traditional swimming pool, it is safe to say that swim spa is, by far, much easier to clean. They are smaller, and thus would necessitate a minimal amount of cleaning agents.  

Several brands of swim spa products in the market today are taking pride in some of their outdoor bath spa offerings. They are asserting that they have items that do not require owners to engage in hard cleaning. Simply because they are equipped with water filtering mechanisms that are capable of cleaning thousands of gallons of water every single hour. 

Usually, jacuzzi tub products are equipped with a pre-filter unit. These mechanisms are responsible for automating the swim spa cleaning process. Another important component here worth noting its function is the skimmer. By removing debris and dirt build-up, they will not get in the way of the pump and heater. Thus, keeping them safe from clog build-up by pushing those unwanted and unnecessary materials into the pre-filter to be disposed of eventually. 

If you are looking for swim spa models that require a minimum amount of cleaning, you will want to check out items that come with an automatic floor vacuum functionality. They will not just take away your need to vacuum your swim spa’s flooring surface regularly but they will also make it sure that your unit will not accumulate grime, dirt, or grit.  

What is the Recommended Frequency of Cleaning Your Swim Spa?

The frequency of cleaning you need to give to your portable outdoor spa Sydney product will greatly depend upon the model that you have. Some would require daily and weekly cleaning, others would necessitate monthly cleaning routines instead. 

Below are the best practices you will want to follow to properly maintain your outdoor swim spa.  


  • See to it that your swim spa’s water level is maintained well. 


  •  Check out the chemical dispenser and top up as necessary.  
  •   Take out the skimmer basket to properly clean it. 
  •  Make it a habit to measure your swim spa water’s pH and alkalinity levels. 


Remove your swim spa’s filter cartridge and cleaning it by soaking it overnight in a formulated cleaning solution. After rinsing, let it air dry completely before turning it back again. 

If at all possible, we highly recommend that you have a secondary filter cartridge. You can install the spare filter cartridge while your original filter is being cleaned. By this measure, you can still use your swim spa. And lastly, don’t forget to wear rubber gloves whenever working on the filter cartridge.


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