Solar lighting technology has long been the most energy efficient and environmentally source of light in the world. Because LEDs emit light by passing current through a solid diode, they require no incendiary gases to operate, and they produce no toxic byproducts in the production of light.

Solar powered lights are gradually gaining popularity. With its Eco friendly approach and several other advantages, solar power is the best way to produce energy.

Solar parking lot lighting are not expensive to install and there is no need to excavate for cables and meters. Solar parking lot light installation is not a complex process because it has only a few components that can be installed easily. Solar systems are specially designed to provide comfort and other benefits for people. These are really cost effective alternatives to reduce electricity bills.

The right lighting system is very important for the convenience and safety of the people, and will help them safely park and locate their vehicles at night. Solar parking light does not require much maintenance. These systems are durable and have a long life. The solar panel has a grid-like pattern of photo-voltaic cells which are made up of silicon. The panel is connected to the battery.

solar powered driveway lights

The silicon cells absorb sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy.A fully charged battery will operate a solar parking lot light for the entire night, up to five days with little sun after. Each solar light will work independently.In case one light is not working properly, other lights will work fine and not affect the functioning of other lights.

Solar parking lot lighting systems include a timer or and the panel itself acts as a photocell to control the operation of the lights from dusk to dawn. Larger solar parking lot lights require two or three panels which are designed to illuminate larger areas with brighter lights. Solar parking light will take the “Go Green” movement to further heights.

Benefits of solar parking lot lights include: Units are not connected to the grid,Cost effective and reduce the electricity bill,Efficient lighting with reliable solar energy as a source. Avoids the cost of trenching, connecting to the grid and running underground wire. Eco – friendly to contributing to renewable energy and reducing CO2.Each battery is capable of reserving energy.

If you want to reduce your electricity bill then the solar powered parking lights are the best solution for you. Many manufacturers are offering such systems in a wide variety. These are available online and offline. However make sure you have to choose the best providers that understands your needs and requirements.