Hair fibers spray, provided that you use them as directed, can prove to be very useful and an effective way to conceal thinning hair in women and even in men, too. These over-the-counter products when applied correctly will restore your hair’s full volume in an instant. However, they are hounded by a manifold of myths and these keep people from using them and enjoying the benefits they offer.

There are two types of hair building fibers, one can be made from natural keratin protein and the other can be made from cotton. Regardless of what material the majority of these products in the market are made of, we need to unmask the truth behind every popular myth and wrong notion about it.

Hair Fibres Spray Will Cause Staining on Your Pillow Case

This depends on what the user does. If you will retire to your bed at night without washing off hair fibers you applied on them, they tend to fall off and get onto your pillows. This is likely to happen most especially if you are sweating a lot. And if you are using keratin-based hair fiber, remember they tend to have greenish color when exposed to water (water found in sweat).

Keratin-based hair fibers spray is less colorfast, but it is not a likely complained issue with cotton-based hair fiber products. Cotton-based hair fiber will not stain your pillowcase and will retain its color no matter what.

Hair Building Products Induces Itchiness and Irritation on the Scalp

These products are not likely to put anyone in harm’s way, except when the individual is suffering from high sensitivity to chemical compounds that keratin hair fibers may have. Instead, users of hair fiber products are not supposed to feel them in their heads after application.

If anyone happens to have high sensitivity to keratin fibers may opt for cotton-based hair building fibers, instead. Since they are far more natural in composition compared to keratin-based fiber, users are not supposed to experience itchiness or irritation in their use. 

Hair Building Fibers Contain Noxious Chemical Compounds

The truth behind this will depend on the type of fiber we have in question. Keratin hair fibers may contain ammonium chloride, though. While this chemical compound does not necessarily come with a harmful effect when you use these fibers, it may bring about side effects most especially to people who happen to have a high level of sensitivity to such substances.

The rule of thumb that you need to follow here is to make it a habit to check out the ingredients of the product first and make a thorough research about the hair building product. This means to say that you need to do your assignment, research about everything there is you need to know about the product. From its tag price, ingredients, down to customer feedback.

Colored Hair Extensions
Colored Hair Extensions

Hair Thickening Fibres Tend to Turn Green

Genuine keratin fibers will indeed turn a glass of water to have a greenish color. Hair fiber products with blond shade also tend to turn green when they are under the sun as well. This is the result of the chemical reaction that transpires between the keratin fibers and water or keratin fibers with the sunlight.

A good alternative though is the use of cotton hair fibers. They are not affected at all by water, and certainly, they will not turn greenish even when you are under the sunlight.

Hair Thickening Fibres Will Keep Your Hair from Growing

There is no grain of truth in here. Neither of the 2 types of hair building fibers will disrupt the hair follicle or cause them to keep hair from growing. After you apply these fibers and you have them applied correctly, they will intertwine to the existing hair strands on your head, but not into your scalp.

Therefore, it is wrong to assume that it will hurt your hair follicles and cause it to stop making hair strands. In case that some of the hair fibers land on your scalp’s surface, they are are still too big to cause anything to your hair follicles. Thus, this is just a myth that deserves no attention at all.


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